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What’s a good title for “trans”?

Am I Transgender?

Recently I was doing some research and reading online, about LGBTQ Community and issues. One article in particular grabbed my attention – “How Do I know if I’m transgender?” – Instantly intrigued, I read it. And honestly…most of that stuff applied to me.



Dresses – blech! I would fight my mom week after week if I had to wear a dress. I fought like the devil. In elementary school she made me wear a dress to picture day. I remember seeing one picture recently, with my boy haircut, and eyes all puffy and red from the screaming and crying fit I threw. And so many other pictures too – I was an ADORABLE little boy! Except I’m stuck in a female body.

One thing to explain – my family is stuck in many OLD WAYS. Girls should dress like girls, and boys should dress like boys. Same with toys. Well let me tell you, I pushed those bounds every chance I got. ATV/4-Wheeler – broken axels, racing…my neighbors all thought I was a boy. One said; “ain’t no way that’s a girl. See’m race, that’s not a girl.” I had some boy toys, and some more “neutral clothing” to push the bounds again. In some ways I think my family wouldn’t be too surprised. Once my mom said “we were relieved when you got married (I’m now 2x divorced) – we thought you’d turn out to be gay.” :blink: :blink: Um….gee, thanks. And now here I am, outcast, survivor of life (kinda’), broken….and a male stuck in a female body. Secretly.


My mom has this expectation and desire to have this picture perfect daughter and granddaughter. SURPRISE MOM – I’M A TRANS MALE…and your one and only granddaughter? SHE’S A LESBIAN! SO…Unfortunately if I come out, or if she comes out – that’ll probably be the last time that we’re spoken to by our family. It’s sad….I feel for all of those who are going through this with me, or those who have lost family/friends over this. In other words, I’m most definitely IN THE CLOSET. CONGRATS….you’re one lucky person to read this!

I do feel like one day I may be able to go further in this. Likely after my parents pass on, (or don’t remember who I am)…and move across the country. This is how it is. I have found that I’m more comfortable around men. Women…I just don’t get. ALL my friends in high school (the most awkward years of life along with right now) were guys. I’ve always jokingly said I have the mind of a man – and honestly it never occurred to me that this was “literally” true. I didn’t realize there was a choice.


And then it dawned on me…

After reading said article I went; “hmmm…” WOW, that sounds REALLY like me. So I did a bit more research. How do I know/suspect that I’m transgender?

– From my youngest memory I would wear boy or neutral clothes if possible.

– All guy friends (one friend that was a girl, but may be trans as well)

– Hated girly things

– Had a boy name (Justin) and would put socks in my pants (no, not the pockets)

– Cried all the time about not having a penis. I prayed every night for God to give me one. I’d wake up and be SO disappointed when it wasn’t there. I also heard that if you could kiss your elbow you could get a wish…no matter how I scratched, stretched, and injured my elbow – I could never quite kiss it!


I have severe body dysphoria. I can’t look at myself because it’s just awful. My whole body, my girl face, my soft fingers, My chest….sigh. Oh my awful DD chest…

  • I never thought I would wake up one day and realize that inside, I’m male.
  • Never thought my daughter would tell me she is gay.
  • I really never gave it a thought that there WAS another option – I don’t HAVE to suffer in this body.
  • From about 21 on I knew I had to start acting like a woman. I hated, hated, hated it.
  • First bra – cried.
  • First period – cried even harder
  • It infuriates me when someone calls me “ma’am” or Miss/Ms.
  • Saying this could get me fired – if I didn’t mention it before I work in a VERY conservative environment
  • Yes, there are many things still “girly” about me, but I’ve lived a LONG time in this body and mindset

I know people won’t be supportive. At least not where I’m from. But i HAD to say it, because there is no one on this earth I can really tell. I just wanted to tell SOMEBODY.

So congratulations internet…you now have my biggest secret. Luckily I don’t have to blurt my name, city, state and occupation out for all to see. Because quite frankly, I would get fired from my job, and disowned by my family.